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Customer Testimonials

Stepping into The Beauty Box isn’t just about indulging in luxurious treatments. It’s about rediscovering your own radiance, inside and out. Don’t just take our word for it, though! Take a look at these testimonials from real clients who have experienced Chantel’s gentle touch and expert guidance.

“Chantel’s massages are fantastic. I highly recommend her Hot Stone Massage but also her other massages such as the Indian Head Massage are so relaxing and a wonderful treat. Thank you Chantel for such a great service.”

B Allen

“I first visited Chantel’s salon several years ago and can recommend her various beauty treatments. Recently, I have been suffering with various aches and pains which compounded with 12 hour shifts have been making my life quite miserable. Chantel has helped me relive this with her lovely massages. She is always cheerful and happy to give advice which I have found enormously helpful. Her classes for improving core strength balance have enabled me to avoid time off work where all other treatments I tried were failing. It’s always a pleasure to attend the classes whether on a dark rainy evening or a cold Sunday morning- they are always an enjoyable experience in themselves and I always feel so much better afterwards. I can’t thank Chantel enough and would encourage everybody to treat themselves to a course of classes.”

H Bell

“For beauty needs and pampering The Beauty Box is the place to go. Great treatments at affordable prices and regular offers to! Chantel is very warm and friendly and is always amenable when arranging appointments. Why go anywhere else?”


“Chantel has done some personal work with me. She takes you through every step with encouragement. Chantel is very dedicated and professional in her work, and through Chantel I have achieved my goal. Thank you Chantel, you are amazing.”


“I have been going to Chantel for years for spray tans and back massages and she is very professional and very accommodating and such a great girl! I would recommend her salon to everyone. She will always try and fit in around my busy schedule to get me if for a treatment. A very professional and friendly beautician.”


“I have been going to The Beauty Box for many years and always find Chantel upbeat, friendly, professional and confidential. She always makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. I would always choose her for treatments as she goes the extra mile to accommodate you with appointments.”


“I have been going to Chantel for treatments for a few years now, she’s lovely, friendly and funny. Facials are to die for and you come out feeling relaxed and feeling ten years younger and worth every penny. Have also discussed my food diary and lifestyle so with a few changes here and there, I have more energy and feel better about myself. Would I recommend Chantel to friends and family? Yes, every time. Thanks Chantel.”


“During one of Chantel’s wonderful manicures I happened to mention that I was currently going through the menopause and was suffering from ‘hot flushes’ which were disturbing my sleep. She suggested that together we look at my diet over a 7 day period. I kept a diary of everything I ate and drank together with a symptom analysis and nutritional questionnaire and then gave it to Chantel to analyse. The results were very interesting as although I have considered that I eat healthily, Chantel explained that I needed to eat certain vitamins in order to activate the ones I lacked. She put together a diet plan which incorporated the necessary vitamins along with further suggestions of various ‘superfoods’ which would be beneficial to me. After following her advice the results have been brilliant. Whilst the ‘hot flushes’ have not disappeared altogether, they have certainly reduced in occurrence. I also feel that I am less tired and have much more energy. I have found this experience both interesting and beneficial and would thoroughly recommend a nutritional consultation with Chantel who has extensive knowledge on the subject.”

D Williams

“Dear Chantel, Thank you soo much for being an awesome pilates instructor. I really love coming every week to your class and can definitely tell the difference since I have been going.”


“I have been visiting Chantelle at the beauty box now for over 10 years for leg wax, sunbed etc. I have always found her friendly and she has always made me feel at ease. She is very attentive to her customers and will try to accommodate last minute requests. I could not imagine going anywhere else.”


“I would fully recommend Chantel as a brilliant nutritionist as since I have followed her advice I have lost a stone in weight which has remained off where in the past it went straight back on after following a diet plan. It was hard at first as it took a lot of time and patience for the weight to start coming off and I found the follow up sessions very beneficial to me as Chantel helped keep me on track and motivated with tips and techniques. My hair has thickened and got stronger, whereas before my hair was really thinning and my nails were weak but now I have strong nails and strong hair. The best thing is that I have so much more energy and I am feeling so much better in myself a lot happier with how I now look and with my whole wellbeing. I can not believe that now I eat more than ever before and can easily keep weight off. I really enjoy my food and eating out has become a real pleasure now that I know what foods to eat. I would recommend Chantel to all my friends as she is very thorough as she goes into great detail and her advice is tailor made to suit each individual and I am really impressed.”


“I have been receiving treatments from Chantel now for about two years. Her salon is very warm and there is always a friendly welcome and a relaxed feel to the place. I would say Chantel is very thorough in all her treatments I have received. As I have to drive to the salon parking is never an issue as there are always a couple of off street parking bays available, as well as parking outside the salon.”


“I have been using The Beauty Box since 2004. I have always found Chantel to be exceptional at what she does with the personality and skills to make you feel so relaxed and serene. I would never go anywhere else.”


“The first time I spoke to Chantel it was about having a fake tan. I hadn’t ever had before and it was for my birthday. Well, what a breath of fresh air she was. It was clear she really cared about the fact I hadn’t had one and advised against it as she didn’t want to ruin my birthday. She was worried it might not take or that I might have a reaction. The fact she wasn’t after a quick quid made me realise she was all about the clients and not about the money. I have been going to Chantel’s for about 9 years and wouldn’t go anywhere else. She is such a lovely person, always personable, polite, kind, respectful and very professional. I think anyone who lets you message about an appointment and gets back to you regardless of what she’s doing is truly amazing and almost unheard of! I love the fact that Chantel is always trying to better herself so she can offer more treatments and offers to her clients, she is so enthusiastic about this. But she never pushes these on you or makes you feel like you need it or she needs you to want it. If you are looking for a brilliant beautician then go to Chantel’s. She will make you feel so welcome and special. I always leave feeling so much better than before I went in.”


“Participating in the nutrition consultation with Chantel has given me a much better idea of the nutritional benefits. I am able to prepare meals in advance trying new recipes and most weeks, being too busy at work to prepare meals in advance. Through discussing my eating habits with Chantel just makes me stop and think if I’m heading toward the biscuit tin or packet of sweets, not to say that I haven’t been eating these completely but I remember our chats and look for a more suitable alternative or a glass of water usually sufficient. The articles Chantel researches regarding such ingredients as milk, sugar or the gelatin are extremely detailed and very good points to be familiar with. From the nutritional consultations with Chantel, I feel better in myself, not being so tired and generally simply healthier.”

Debbie M

“I have been going to Chantel for facials for over a year. She is always very cheerful and outs you at ease. Chantel uses high quality Payot products and ensures the experience is relaxing. Chantel is friendly and highly experienced. I look forward to my appointments.”


“Chantel analysed my diet with a view of improving my health through making alternative choices. She analysed my dietary intake for a week and determined I was not getting enough Magnesium or Vitamin B. She advised I eat more avocado and egg and reduce my carbohydrates. Following her instruction for a month I saw an improvement in my skin and sleep. Chantel is kind, caring, takes all information on board and then creates and easy to follow food plan or a set of simple guidelines of easy and quick results. I would highly recommend Chantel as a nutritionist to others.”


“I have always been curious if I was lacking in any nutrients as I was a smoker and like drinking and eating everything that is bad for me! Chantel had just started her nutrition course and asked me to be a guinea pig. After filling in the questionnaire and food diary I discovered I was deficient in vitamins a, c, b3, b5, b6, efa’s, calcium, magnesium and zinc. Chantel explained that as a smoker, this takes out some vit c and hinders the absorption of calcium. Chantel looked through my food diary and lifestyle and we discussed making changes. Chantel always says start with little changes. For example, I swopped biscuits with my cup of tea for nuts and introduced yogurts as a snack at work rather than cakes. Chantel advises to be mindful of what you buy and eat. She was so helpful as during this process I had a new kitchen fitted and didn’t have an oven! Ultimately I gave up smoking. Chantel was supportive and was always on hand for pointers and help. I would recommend Chantel and this process as it was both interesting and informative and made you think about what you eat and your lifestyle choices.”