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I’d like to explain the word DIET here for you as it’s often misunderstood.

A diet is what you eat and your eating habits. It is the quality of food you eat and of course the downfall from which most of us suffer from… the quantity of food you eat! Diet needs to be balanced, so we can become efficient with our own digestion absorption and utilisation. We are all biochemically individual, we are all different and need to identify our own special diet to suit ourselves.

I personally believe in getting in tune with your body to give it what it wants to a certain extent! I am all about getting vitamins and minerals from food and believe that once you can tweak your foods to get all your required vitamins and minerals for health the rest will naturally follow. Vitamins and minerals are a necessity for health and well-being. They help with tiredness, depression, stress, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and skin conditions. All these health concerns can be improved through diet. You may be eating the right foods, but something could be hindering your absorption of a vitamin or mineral. A common example is low iron; you could be eating iron rich foods, but also drinking a lot of tea and the ingredient tannin in tea hinders the absorption of iron. Vitamin C helps absorption of iron, so in this example you would need to start eating more vitamin C rich foods to counter balance it.

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Nutritional Lifestyle Enhancement Coaching


We can look closely at your lifestyle and eating patterns and work together to give you a personal diet plan which will encourage you to eat foods that suit you. This will help you to achieve effective weight loss – that will stay off! You will notice many many other health benefits including more energy, a better mood, improved sleep and clearer skin. We are all biochemically different so we would require you to complete a seven day food diary, symptom analysis and nutritional questionnaire prior to your first coaching session. From this I will analyse the information you provide and then we can figure out together what foods you need to be eating.

I will need your full and complete honesty 7 day food diary and nutrition questionnaire completed and returned a few days before the consultation. We will then develop a plan together that suits you personally. It will be easy to follow and will be full of nutritious healthy foods, with recipes and meal suggestions for breakfast, lunch and supper that will help your body function in a healthy way making you feel good.

Follow Up Session


Follow up sessions are helpful to discuss how you are getting on, go through some lifestyle enhancement techniques, and using cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques with new recipes and ideas to keep you focused and motivated.

Nutritional Lifestyle Coaching Half Day


We can go food shopping together, get educated on food labelling techniques, learn more about how and where you can get your carbohydrates, proteins and fats from. I can come round to show you how easy it is to be organised with simple foods and meal planning. You can learn how to be creative with different recipe ideas. This will help you to think differently and realise just how easy it is to be organised.