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Body Massage and Therapy


Restore balance and harmony in mind and body

There are many benefits to body massage and body therapy; eases muscle pain, improves circulation, soothes anxiety and depression, improves sleep and boosts immunity, relieves headaches, restores balance and harmony in mind and body

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Hot Stones Massage


Using hot basalt stones in massage movements warming your skin, and penetrating deep into your muscles, increasing your circulation, improving blood flow to surrounding tissues, transporting toxins and waste products away from the area and dispersing them, heat is a well-know natural pain reliever with the heat releasing tensions and pains, helping alleviate spasms and enables joints or muscles to regain movement and mobility.

Warm Bamboo Massage


Using warm bamboo sticks to glide massage strokes to break down tensions, aches, pains, tight muscles, increases your joint and muscle flexibility. Helps with arthritis due to the warming sensation and increases blood flow, good for back ache due to the stretching and rolling of the muscles and the heat from the bamboo sticks… this treatment releases stress and tensions all over. Can be used deeper if you wanted a deeper massage or with a lighter approach for a more chilled out session…or a bit of both.

Deep Tissue Techniques Body Massage


Using deep tissue massage techniques, palpation and trigger point therapy (NMT) to release restrictions in deeper muscles. Releases chronic muscle tensions, knots, oxygenates poorly circulated areas, and much more…

Myofascial release


Myofascial release techniques are specialised to release restrictions within the connective tissue, enabling it to become more pliable, soft, mobile and hydrated and this helps with chronic joint or muscle injuries, sports injuries, frozen shoulder, sciatica, planta fasitis and much more…

Thai stretch therapy


Using stretching techniques incorporating yoga like stretches to reduce stress and improve circulation, increasing your flexibility and range of movement, aligning and balancing your body, restoring balance and harmony in mind and body.

Thai pressure point therapy


Using Thai pressure point therapy techniques to clear any blockages within body releasing any points of tension within body which assists in alignment of body, relieves pain, improves neurological functioning, improves circulation, increases your energy flow and flexibility in your range of movements, leaving you feel balanced in harmony, mind and body.

Regular oil based relaxing massage movements


Let yourself feel relaxed and reduce your stress levels with a relaxing massage.

30 minutes massage and therapy to choose


Half an hour of whatever massage techniques you would like, and what area you would like working on.

45 minutes massage and therapy to choose


45 mins of whatever massage technique you would like.

60 minutes massage and therapy to choose


Give yourself an hour of your time to ease any muscle pain, improve circulation, choosing whatever massage techniques you feel right for you.

90 minutes massage and therapy to choose


Give yourself and hour and a half of whatever your body needs, and maybe finish with half hour pure relaxation.

Buccal Massage (sculpting, lifting, firming, face and neck)


Buccal Massage, sculpts, lifts and firms neck and face, it’s almost like a face lift without the surgery, so a natural face lifting effect. Also known as a face yoga gym session, increases muscle tone, releases tensions, lymphatic drainage and detoxification. Beneficial with jaw tension and tightness TMJ, headaches, earaches, if you grind your teeth , all these movements will help as we release tightness and stress in your face and neck. Mostly external moves, however, there are a few internal moves where I wear gloves and this enables me to get that pressure….you will feel lifted, looser, your skin will look and feel and amazing… it’s different… try it!

Side Lying massage suitable for pregnancy


Side lying massage suitable for pregnancy… If you prefer a side lying massage you don’t need to be pregnant to benefit from this massage positioning… You may just be more comfortable lying on side. whether you are pregnant or not you will benefit from muscular tension being released, induces deep relaxation, reduces emotional stress, balances blood pressure etc…

Indian Head Massage


Working on neck, shoulders, head and face, using different techniques to disperse toxins from tense knotted muscles, relief from neck and shoulder stiffness, also beneficial to relieve symptoms of earache, eyestrain, tension headaches, migraines and much more…

Menopausal Therapeutic Massage


This is an hour and half treatment and uses slow calming controlled movements alongside acupressure with gentle rocking and vibrational techniques, this allows your body to reset balancing and regulating your hormones which in turn helps with slowing down and controlling heart rate, body temperature, digestion, enhances sleep quality, lowers levels of stress hormones in blood, reduces anxiety and much more… this is an hour and half treatment for you to sink into your zone and just allow your body to do what it needs to do and balance , reset itself so you can feel more like you.